Thursday, March 22, 2007

2 web sites

I am a bit busy with working on 2 web sites, which I am going to launch very soon... one is coming back again.. and its not going to be only on blog, but a bit more things in it..

and second site that I am working on is going to help a lots of people into lots of things, but ofcourse only into IT, but lets see I might put something more as well, as the site name is such.. but anyways I will keep you all updated with it.. as site is in good shape right now.. I am planning to put it next month.. as I have to save some money so that I can host... I spent lots of money in few months :(, so a one month delay.

more information on second web site will be soon available.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Yahoo! Messenger old sounds

Dont like Yahoo! Messenger's new sound? cant live without hearing those chimes sound?? well, I really dint like new Yahoo! Messenger's sound.. as they are very low and really cant hear when u put voice low.

here is the answer, how to get back old sounds.

download from
and here u get old sounds :)