Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Apple iPhone - is it really worth the hype?

Let's see why iPhone is really hyped... for just two reasons.. 1 - Apple, 2 - Good User Interface providing touch screen... are these really revolutionary things? not really.. its just that they created user interface which can be operated using fingers easily, and just gave touch screen support to the phone. I have a cell phone which has touch screen what it doesn't have it a user interface which can take advantage of the touch screen... you might think that's why iPhone is good and really worth.. well, not just look at what it doesn't have.

1 - Bluetooth

Bluetooth which has become so important for all cell phone user's in a month definitely you must be using Bluetooth once, I use it several times in a week. ok ok I do agree it has Bluetooth, but what is the use of it when it cant do anything else then allow me to talk using bluetooth headset.. it just cant allow me to send files, no dial-up netowrking.. - http://www.iphonebuzz.com/iphones-bluetooth-is-dumb-purposely-crippled-or-both-151188.php

2 - GPS

These days all phones comes GPS receiver, ok I know this is not really big disadvantage, but should have been there. I know now Apple said that they are putting GPS in it.. but is it really high priority? just look at the next one.

3 - Copy Paste

No copy paste in iPhone... now I use need this almost everyday.. I get contact number, email address, web address in sms or some or the other way on my phone I need to copy it and paste it to store it in contacts or call or use browser to surf or send email.. now if copy paste it not there.. I have to remember it.. Is it so really difficult to implement Copy Paste?

4 - MMS

I know no one uses it.. but when you are talking about GPRS, EDGE, 3G then why not MMS???? I would like to send someone picture of mine over message.

5 - Auto-focus Camera

Apple has got Camera in iPhone... but it does not have auto-focus? what is the use of camera which doesn't have auto-focus? not everyone is photographer, even photographer needs auto-focus.

6 - Video Recording

iPhone got camera in it, which can take picture but it can't record the video.

7 - Battery

Yeah, battery is not replaceable at all... if your battery goes bad, send it to Apple and they will replace it for you.. they have sealed battery inside iPhone.. I wonder if my iPhone hangs what to do? I know I know Apple fan boys will say it doesn't hang like Windows Mobile or Nokia... but what if it does?

8 - Network Lock

This is really very very sad... it can operate only on particular network and it comes with 1-2 years of contracts or more... I know cracks are available.. but then you void warranty.

9 - Store Activation

Once you purchase it, you straight can't use it, you have to get it activated from Apple store and activation process is very long takes what about 15-20 minutes.

10 - Applications

iPhone now finally comes with application but what is the use of it when they can't run in the background???