Friday, December 12, 2008

Few hilarious Pranks

At bottom of page I have put the source from where I picked up the videos, they have mentioned about 2008 top videos.. but I wouldnt really agree with that.. anyways, I have just re-ordered according to my preference.

1 Butter Floor

I found this prank the most hilarious, basically because of the kind of revenge they are taking and reason behind the revenge.

2 Hair Dryer

Girls without proper hair will look ghost.. to prove that this prank works best :)

3 Wake up

If done this in right way.. this would be really great.. I have played this kind of prank.. but instead of loud sound.. we used toothpaste or shaving cream.. put it on hand of a person who is sleeping.. and then on his face you try to do few things.. and when he puts his hand on face to remove it.. its hilarious.

4 Fake Date

This is really one of the best prank you can do on someone, but issue is that, it requires a lot of time.. trap a friend by fake girl id or something.. ask him to meet up somewhere.. and surely he will come to meet up.. but dont turn up.. or you yourself only turn up.. its very hilarious.


5 Cereal Bird

I found this prank good.. but also a bit bad.. because there is a dead bird used.

6 Cling Film Over the Door

This is really good one.. I just wished lady had something in her hand.

7 Chicken

This is really long long video.. 50 chickens in room.. just see how you can throw out chickens out of room :P

8 Foil

This is pretty hilarious. Everything covered in foil.. when ur friend arrives and he finds it.. it will be very difficult for him to take out each and every coin out of foil and pay.

9 Newspaper Cover

Newspaper cover is pretty good, same as above.. just look at the end of video.. and see something interesting.

10 Fill up Room with Ballons

hmm, its ok.. but still good.. friend room completely filled up with ballons.

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