Sunday, December 14, 2008

4th Workshop at MPSTME – Day 2

2nd day of 4th workshop was ok ok.. less students turned up.. and students were ok ok, questions were ok asked by them, but it was good.. did with windows forms, then and with

when I ended.. Mr. Ketan Shah (Head of Student Department) presented me with a trophy, you can see the trophy attached below as in image.

would like to thank Mr. Ketan Shah, Mr. Abhinav and two more students who were with me. Thank you.



One Family Photographs said...

Hi Dhaval Sir,
I am Rohan here,one of the boys who were there to assist you.I feel that had you started with the Windows Mobile Application of .NET students would have been more enthusiastic throughout the workshop.According to me it is applications related to them which arouse interest in them for any particular issue.

Dhaval Faria said...


yes I do agree with you.. but without them knowing about what is .NET and basics of .NET.. it does not make sense to work on windows mobile development.