Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Update on USB Charger

remember in my previous post I talked about something that I am working on?

well, its based on hand cranking principle.. .I just push the trigger it charges coil of copper and gives power to my cell.. simple and sweet.

I am very much close to complete it, but right now am facing some good problem with it.. and problem is I dont have multimeter :(, I had but not able to find out where it is, so facing problem with it, and without multimeter I dont wanna go ahead.. hehehe I dont wanna damage my cell :p

So, I gotta wait till I get my hands on Multimeter, thats for sure by Sunday I will get my hands on Multimeter. Once I am pretty much done with it, I will be writing a DIY (Do It Yourself) document and post it on my blog, so you all you readers of my blog can try hands on it and create your own charger as well.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

More about Robotics

Remember I was talking about Robotics in my very earlier post? Finally robot is available to buy.... but its very expensive around 5000USD :o :o :o.. I gotta wait for some more time before I buy and try my hands on it.. developer version of the robot costs 4000USD but still very expensive :(, no worries will buy for sure. :)

I am working on one hardware project, which I really need to make it work, if that works then I will be really happy.. what I am trying to do is, trying to make a usb charger for my cell.. umm whats big deal right? well, that charger doesnt need any electricity :D so hang on.. :p I will keep you all posted about this.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Race against Time

like in my previous post I said that I love race...

right now am facing race against time :p

Its something that I love to do, but its very tiring so I try to avoid as much as possible :p

Right now.. I have to complete 2 work as soon as possible, and check up with 1 work. So total 3 work that I got to complete... 1 work is due tomorrow, clients coming to see.. 2nd work is due on Monday or Tuesday.. but for that have to goto Gujarat so travelling starts tomorrow (Saturday), and 3rd work is about checking out bug, patch it and notify the client as soon as possible.

hmm, now whats the catch u might ask... ok.. the thing which we need to show to client tomorrow is almost at the end.. will revisit this thing again.

2nd work needs to be complete by today as no time tomorrow and on Sunday :( and Monday or Tuesday we got to show to client.

3rd work bug fixing is something that needs to be done as soon as possible, its like if can be done now in 5mins then now.

ok so thats work.. now more to it.. I got to book tickets for the Gujarat.. hopefully will book today evening, now tomorrow I dont know if I will be able to catch the bus on time or not :p coz I am packed with other busy impotant work :(

No one is at home.. Mom and Dad left yesterday for village, will return back on Tuesday.. so I got ta do packing and all myself.. now thats again a time consuming :(..

lot of things... I shouldnt be writing this post.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Race to Win

finally found sometime to blog :)... got stuck with work a lot.

well, this is just a quick post to let ppl know that am still active and will be posting more and more again.. no break like a week break.. :)

btw, I just found that I love driving.. hehehe :p all the time now a days I am finding reason enough to go out and drive.. :p and specially racing :D.. hehe yeah I race with other vehicles.. shhh but safe driving.. and follow all traffic rules.

thats it for now.. for more will update very soon.

Friday, September 08, 2006


I am conducting test for HTML, CSS, xHTML, DHTML, XML and XSLT. Testing includes static page testing, and dynamic page testing. Based on my experience and what I think, XML XSLT will win the race when you have lots of data or enough data to kill HTML :p

but before that I am going to test HTML Table test and CSS without table test and will see who performs better.. and then will combine it with my original test :)

So, stay tuned for the test and results.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin killed

Very sad news, all those who watches Discovery Channel or Animal Planet channel knows him. You have seen him playing with crocodiles most of the time.

May his soul Rest In Peace...

Source: Yahoo! News

More Source: Yahoo! News Reuters

More Source: CNN

Microsoft MechCommander 2 Shared Source Release

Download Microsoft MechCommander 2 Shared Source

Microsoft has released a source code for the game Microsoft MechCommander 2, check out the above link and download the source code.. its really big 700MB download and when u extract it it will be 4.5GB+

More info on the link.